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Group photo of key stakeholders at the launch of the Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence

Previous Webinar: Role and Value of Product Stewardship

This webinar introduces Product Stewardship, its value and role, and how it can be applied to help cut waste and address a range of other impacts and issues. It also introduces the Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence and outline our program for 2021.

The content of the webinar is relevant to organisations doing, supporting or promoting Product Stewardship in Australia. It is equally relevant to industry-wide schemes and programs, as it is to company-level product stewardship services being developed and implemented by individual businesses.

Whether you’re curious about how and where Product Stewardship can help Australia transition to a circular economy or in Product Stewardship opportunities and interventions across the supply chain and product life cycle, there is something in this webinar for you.

Recording of webinar

Webinar presentation


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