Training and Executive Development

Professional development for practitioners in business and government is a vital element in improving product stewardship knowledge, understanding and performance.

The Centre’s e-Learning program will feature modules on a diverse range of topics and themes aimed at informing, educating and activating action and impact.

From introductory training modules on the role and value of product stewardship, through to more specific modules covering scheme design, ACCC authorisation, logistics, and digitalisation, our e-Learning program will build your knowledge and credentials through a self-paced learning platform to be launched in February 2024.

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Mentoring, Advisory and Research

The Centre provides support and guidance to improve, develop and implement stewardship schemes, by bringing together and making available a panel of expert advisers.

This will include taking on project requests from industry groups, businesses, product supply chains or Government agencies to advise, guide or mentor the development of new product stewardship schemes.

Our support and guidance recognises that product stewardship is equally relevant at the individual company level, and provides the guidance to help make stewardship a real-world business activity with market-friendly outcomes.

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The Centre facilitates strategic networking sessions between organisations across the supply chain and all levels of government on a case-by-case basis.  Facilitated sessions and introductions may be one on one meetings, online or face to face workshops or events including webinars or excellence awards.

The purpose of the facilitation is to connect relevant people and organisations involved in developing and implementing product stewardship initiatives so they can share knowledge, learnings, experiences as well as develop solutions to drive better engagement and environmental and social outcomes.

The intent is to be inclusive and foster continual improvement, collaboration, and relationships between organisations with common issues and interests. It is an opportunity for organisations to share achievements with the Centre, contribute to case studies, identify gaps and challenges, as well as research projects that will assist with the developing and implementing product stewardship at an organisational level or as a collective of businesses.

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