Product Stewardship
Excellence Awards

Product Stewardship
Excellence Awards

The Product Stewardship Excellence Awards program for 2023 has now closed.

Product stewardship ensures products and materials are managed in a way that reduces their environmental and human health impacts throughout their lifecycle and across the supply chain.

Effective product stewardship is also a real-world operational pathway for implementing circular economy principles.

By showcasing best practice in product stewardship, we can demonstrate its potential effectiveness, further increasing scheme participation and action by individual businesses, brands, retailers, associations, and product stewardship organisations. It provides an opportunity for businesses to do more, strive for more, and achieve more.

Our awards program aims to celebrate outstanding achievements and innovative initiatives advancing the principles of product stewardship in Australia.

This year’s awards were open to organisations and industries from diverse backgrounds and sectors, including business, technology, and social impact.

There were six award categories that schemes and businesses could enter, and one category Product Stewardship Champion of the Year, that is directly awarded by the Centre of Excellence.  For information on this year’s winners read our media release.

Winners will be announced from each of the following categories: 

  • Best Stewardship Outcomes

    Collective Scheme

  • Best Stewardship Outcomes

    Individual Business or Brand
    (Large 200+ employees)

  • Best Stewardship Outcomes

    Individual Business or Brand
    (SME < 199 employees)

  • Excellence in Digitalisation for Product Stewardship

  • Excellence in Design for Product Stewardship

  • Excellence in Emissions Reduction through Product Stewardship

Our Judging Panel

Each year the Awards are judged by a panel of national and international experts across industry, government, research and stewardship organisations chaired by Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence Director Dr Damien Giurco. We will be announcing this year’s judges in the coming weeks.

How to Enter

There are six award categories that schemes, businesses, associations and NGOs can enter, and one category, Product Stewardship Champion of the Year, that will be directly conferred by the Centre of Excellence.

Entrants will be guided by the category requirements and should clearly articulate how specific criteria have been met.

There is a $400 fee for each entry in each category. If an organisation or individual wishes to enter the same submission into more than one category, the $400 fee applies to each category entered.

Award submissions will be uploaded by entrants to the awards portal addressing the entry criteria.

Judges seek written answers to each criteria for the chosen category. There is a limit of 400 words per criterion, and a maximum of 1,000 words all up (no more than 5 pages).

The entry must be uploaded as a single PDF or Word document, with supporting information in the form of video, static visual, data or reports also allowed. Supporting information is limited to two supplementary files for each entry (e.g. one video and one image, or one data file and one report).

Before registering, paying and entering, please read the entry requirements for each category in the awards prospectus.

Closing date extended to September 15.

The awards will be announced an in-person event at the Dentsu Creative PR offices (Level 6, 20 Windmill St, Millers Point) on Thursday November 2 at 6pm.

For assistance with your application submission, please email us here.

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