Product stewardship requires producers and retailers to better manage the impacts of products and material streams through their life cycle.

How do we improve environmental performance and reduce waste?

Our Mission

To accelerate the uptake of product stewardship in Australia by mentoring, educating and activating stakeholders across product and material supply chains.

Our Vision

To see the wide-scale adoption of product and material stewardship principles into business models that reduce waste generation and create positive environmental and social outcomes via good design, improved resource productivity and sustainable reuse.

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The Challenge

To assist businesses and government achieve the National Waste Policy Action 2030 Targets.

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Everyone who imports, designs, manufactures, and sells products has a responsibility to avoid and reduce the environmental and human health impacts of those products.

What is Product Stewardship?

Product stewardship acknowledges those involved in designing, manufacturing, and selling products have a responsibility to ensure those products or materials are managed in a way that reduces their environmental and human health impacts, throughout the life-cycle and across the supply chain.

Product Stewardship aims to reduce waste generation through better design and manufacture of products, including the use of materials that are easier to recover, reuse and recycle.

The Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence was established in December 2020 by a consortium of UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures, the Australian Industry Group and Cox Inall Communications in partnership with the Australian Government through the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

The Centre holds the required knowledge and expertise in product stewardship scheme design and implementation, education, training, research, policy, community engagement, supply chains, logistics, government liaison and business engagement.

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The Centre provides an opportunity to establish Australia as a leader in product stewardship across products and material streams.

Our team and Specialist Advisers bring internationally recognised, multi-disciplinary expertise in product stewardship and the circular economy within a commercial and operational context.

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