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What we do

The Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence is establishing Australia as a leader and innovator in product stewardship. We are committed to independent, evidence based research and policy design.

We educate, mentor, advise, and collaborate with brands, manufacturers, retailers, industry associations, and product stewardship initiatives (existing and emerging), to adopt, activate and expand effective stewardship solutions and understand the role of Extended Producer Responsibility.

Who we collaborate with

The Centre develops strategic partnerships with organisations to engage in activities and share resources that will deliver effective product stewardship outcomes for Australia. These enduring relationships encompass businesses, government, product stewardship organisations, not‑for-profit entities, and research institutions.

We collaborate with the Australian Government and provide independent advice and guidance on priority areas for stewardship action. We also guide businesses and industry led voluntary initiatives when seeking government accreditation under the Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 2020.

The Centre also reports annually on product stewardship activity in Australia, including its benefits and effectiveness. These insights support policy makers, brands, manufacturers, and retailers in making informed decisions about product stewardship initiatives. Through this collaborative approach, we build bridges across the supply chain and with government to accelerate the implementation of product stewardship across the entire lifecycle.





Join Us

Your organisation can make a difference and help transform the product value chain by partnering with the Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence.  As a partner your organisation will also enable the Centre to scale up its activities to further accelerate product stewardship action across Australia.

Your contribution will help the Centre to:

  • Expand its outreach and engagement with businesses, industry sectors and the public to increase their awareness and knowledge of product stewardship and producer responsibilities
  • Expand its mentoring services to help more businesses and industry sectors establish and improve product stewardship initiatives
  • Produce additional online educational resources including practice notes, guidelines, training modules and case studies
  • Regularly update the Product Stewardship Gateway data on product stewardship initiatives and their annual performance to inform government policy
  • Assist initiatives and businesses to publicly report their performance, benchmarking their environmental and social performance against industry peers
  • Investigate and report on barriers and solutions to effective product stewardship such as industry participation rates, government regulations, procurement practices, market and supply chain failures, equity for regional and remote areas, collection costs, and solutions to resolve them.

Partnership levels

There are three partnership levels: Strategic, Premium, and Supporter to collaborate on delivering outcomes for your organisation. For more specific details about the benefits please see our prospectus.


Equip your team with the knowledge and expertise necessary to lead in this evolving landscape.

Unlock an exclusive range of resources tailored to your organisation’s specific priorities and objectives, which include mentoring, strategic planning, and expert, personalised advice provided by the Centre’s staff and its team of specialists. You’ll also receive exclusive access to our webinar series that delve into the latest trends, practices, and insights in sustainable and effective product stewardship.

You will also have the option to participate in targeted policy forums, strategic working groups, and pioneering research projects led by the Centre.

Annual investment: $30,000*


Advance your product stewardship efforts and deliver a lasting impact on sustainability within your business and industry.

Your organisation will gain access to an extensive range of tools and resources, several hours of invaluable mentoring, strategic planning, and expert advice from our team and specialists.

This membership level also provides the opportunity to actively participate in the Centre’s targeted policy forums, strategic working groups, and research projects, enabling you and your organisation to shape its policies and practices.

Annual investment: $15,000*


Demonstrate your support for the work of the Centre in shaping the future of product stewardship in Australia.

You will gain access to our extensive range of resources, including a limited number of tickets to our prestigious Awards event.

You will gain valuable opportunities to deepen your understanding of our work, staying up to date on upcoming activities, educational programs, and our informative webinar series.

Annual investment: $2,000*

* exclusive of GST

Outcomes of partnering with the Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence

  1. Transform and Accelerate Product Stewardship Action: Your organisation will play a pivotal role in transforming and accelerating the uptake of product stewardship action across Australia and driving meaningful change to achieve sustainable practices.
  2. Expand Reach and Engagement: Together, we can increase awareness and knowledge about the importance of product stewardship, fostering collaboration and maximising positive impact.
  3. Identify Barriers, Opportunities and Solutions: By working together, we can better understand these challenges and develop best practices for initiating successful product stewardship initiatives across industries and within individual companies and brands.
  4. Support Business and Industry Initiatives:Your involvement will help more businesses and industries establish and enhance their product stewardship initiatives.  We believe in equipping organisations and their staff with the tools and knowledge required to deliver positive outcomes.

More Information:

For more information on the Centre’s Partnership Program including detailed benefits read our prospectus. Alternatively email us at

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