Webinar – Stewardship of Chemicals and Hazardous Substances

The Centre’s webinar on Thursday, 8 September 2022 at 1:00pm (AEST) explored key challenges associated with managing chemicals of concern and hazardous substances through the product life-cycle, and how industry and government action through product stewardship is helping to address them. While many chemicals play a critical role in many products and processes, the need for their safe management is essential.

Taking responsibility for all chemicals along supply chains is an integral part of product stewardship, however, challenges such as transparency, inadequate and inconsistent regulation, and a lack of knowledge, means that several chemicals of concern remain in products.

While government and consumer awareness related to environmental and human health issues is increasing, addressing the challenge in a circular economy is paramount given the potential impacts of circulating hazardous chemicals into recycled materials.

Our guest speakers were:

  • David Baggs – CEO and Program Director of Global GreenTag International
  • Rachel Burgess – A/g Assistant Secretary of the Chemicals Management Branch, Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water
  • Sophi MacMillan – Resiloop Project Director, Australian Resilient Flooring Association

As always, our webinar concluded with an opportunity for participants to ask questions and discuss relevant issues.

David Baggs CEO and Program Director of Global GreenTag International

Voted one of Australia’s Top 50 Green Leaders and Top 100 Sustainability Leaders Globally, David Baggs is a world-renowned sustainability and materials expert and Life Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects. He is CEO and Program Director of the Global GreenTagCertTM Product Certification Program, the world’s leading ‘Beyond LCA’ based product ecolabel, Certification Mark and also operator of the Global GreenTag International Product Health Declaration, Environmental Product Declaration and Modern Slavery Declaration programs, which support the advancement and uptake of healthy and environmentally conscious products on the planet. David is also a multi-award-winning green building architect, author, Exemplar Global Lead Auditor, GBCA Reference Panel member and Past President of the Australian LCA Society.

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Rachel Burgess A/g Assistant Secretary of the Chemicals Management Branch, Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

Rachel leads the Chemicals Management Branch in the federal Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water. The Chemicals Management Branch provides evidence-informed advice and drives national approaches to protect the Australian environment and people from the harmful effects of chemicals, hazardous substances and pollutants. She has experience in land and industrial sector greenhouse gas accounting, emissions reduction method development, engaging with international conventions on climate change and waste, and design, development and implementation of domestic waste policy, legislation, and regulatory schemes. Before beginning her current role, Rachel was the Senior Policy Advisor to the former Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management.

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Sophi MacMillan –  Resiloop Project Director, Australian Resilient Flooring Association

An environmental scientist with over 20 years’ experience working within industry to address product life cycle impacts and advance sustainable development. Formerly Chief Executive of the Vinyl Council of Australia, where she led from 2002, the development and implementation of the PVC Stewardship Program, a material stewardship initiative with, today, 50 company signatories, that has been a key driver of change in the manufacture of PVC products. She also led collaboration with stakeholders to launch the PVC Recycling in Hospitals stewardship scheme for IV bags, oxygen masks and tubing, and more recently with GECA, developed a standard for authenticating recycled content in PVC products. Sophi recently took up the role of Project Director – ResiLoop for the Australian Resilient Flooring Association. Resiloop is a Government funded initiative to research, design and develop a stewardship scheme for the resilient flooring sector in Australia.

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