Webinar – Local Government and Product Stewardship

Dominique Doyle, General Manager – Agsafe

Dominique Doyle has a detailed understanding of the AgVet chemical industry, particularly regarding the supply chain and reseller markets, and has been transforming Agsafe’s operations since 2018.

Dominique’s understanding of the importance of maintaining sustainable operations, as well as meeting diverse stakeholder expectations, has strengthened Agsafe’s stewardship programs: drumMUSTER, ChemClear.

Agsafe also guides retailers to ensure safety in the transport, handling and storage of chemicals in retail stores.

These key influencers work with farmers and strengthen the safety and stewardship culture through the whole supply chain.

Rebecca Brown , Manager Waste and Recycling – Western Australian Local Government Association

Rebecca started at WALGA in 2003 and has held her current role since 2007.

She has been involved in the development of various product stewardship schemes and their implementation in WA with a focus on local government participation.

Rebecca understands the significance and benefit of well-designed stewardship initiatives that meet the everyday waste reduction and recycling needs of householders.

She holds degrees in Environmental Science and Philosophy and has a Master of Science. Most recently she completed a Certificate IV in Waste Management.


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