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Kingfisher is a next‑gen mobile experience company, totally re‑engineering the mobile experience economy.

People-first by design, they’re obsessed with optimising the lifecycle of connected devices, developing end‑to‑end experience solutions, designed to transform the mobile experience economy for carriers, their customers, and the planet.

Through their ingenious solutions, they extend the lifespan of connected devices by powering the efficient circulation of new and second‑life devices within the global value chain, creating circular transformation at scale.

Visit the Kingfisher website to find out more on how they’re transforming the industry.

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As a wholly owned subsidiary of Re.Group, they are leaders in managing and facilitating operations that focus on redemption and recycling for the Container Deposit Schemes (CDS) in Australia.

Convenient locations plus new technology enables a seamless recycling experience both at fully staffed depots and Express collection points. Return-It transforms how households, organisations, and communities return and are paid for their aluminium cans, glass and plastic bottles. There are over 100 Return-It locations across Australia. With recycling depots located in most major centres and smaller towns, including the ACT, Qld and WA. From 1 November 2023 you’ll also find Return-It in Victoria, being the East Zone Operator in Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme.

Visit the Return-It website to find out more or locate their nearest refund point.

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