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HMD Global – the home of Nokia Phones

HMD have a simple idea at the core of their operations: HMD believes that mobile technology can enhance our everyday lives – that’s why HMD is working to make it accessible to everyone, with devices that embody our principles of design, performance, and security.

This is what sets them apart in the mobile phone market, whichever phone is right for you, it will be a phone you can trust. Through the recent collaboration with iFixit, a global repair community, they have made fixing your Nokia devices more affordable and accessible. It gives people easy access to replacement parts, including battery, display and charging port, as well as tools, and repair guides to make repairing their device as straightforward as possible.

Their more recent phones are built and packaged with sustainability in mind. In 2022, they launched their most sustainable devices to date, including the Nokia G60 which featured a back cover made from 100% recycled plastic and a frame made from 60% recycled plastic. The Nokia X30 5G has a 65% recycled frame and a 100% recycled aluminium frame. And because they’re built with durability in mind with 3-year warranty, those natural resources are pushed to last longer.

For more info visit Nokia.

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